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        Wenzhou Dongtai building materials Co., Ltd(original:wenzhou lucheng east construction material company),Tongchang steel glass manufacture co,ltd is the only manufacturing and trading base in Wenzhou area and we are able to supply different size, color and grade glass from 2-19mm for wholesale and retailing.

           We have recently advanced technology from abroad: reinforced glass production line, layered glass production line, vacuum glass production line, anti-bullet, fire resistant production line, hot bending oven and auxiliary equipments. Our products are of reliable quality, reasonable price and we welcome visit for business discussions.

      We have the international up-to-date technology and equipments and a specialized home decoration team and can supply different grade of decoration for inner house decoration. We have pioneering managerial staff, innovative technical staff and experienced production staff, which can is the guarantee of the satisfactory products incorporated with our scientific managing method and our enterprise tenet of "perfection after perfection". Our deep process of glass products have been seriated, systemized and of large variety, complete size, reliable quality and reasonable prices.

          We are sincerely to cooperate with friends from different lines to give our contribute to the beautifying of urban construction with quality service and reliable quality.

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